So much drama over unfollowing people apparently.

Look, the person didn’t go “LOOK AT THIS LOSER! THEY AREN’T WORTH YOUR TIME!” (If they did, did you honestly want them following you in the first place?)

No, they decided that the content you posted wasn’t for them and decided to quietly stop subscribing to the feed you produce. There’s plenty of people on this site who probably see parts of your feed and didn’t elect to subscribe to it in the first place, but you don’t get pissy over that.

Also, this attitude of announcing you’ve lost followers to tell how much it hurts every single time it happens is controlling, even if you don’t name names, because you’re sitting there informing everyone that this somehow hurts you and therefore if they decide to do it they are horrible people that are intentionally out to harm you with this decision. That might not be what you intended by venting, but if you’re doing it every single time, you’re telling people that they have to stop caring in order to unfollow you.

You know what? That’s self fulfilling right there. You’re going to trap people via guilt until they simply reach a point where they feel your behavior has gone too far to justify “protecting you from harm.”

And if you’ve said something recently that someone disagreed with and they unfollowed you over, you don’t get to bitch at them for not putting up with your belief set no matter the circumstances.

Tumblr is an interesting sort of social media website, because it is social blogging, meaning those numbers don’t just track friends, but consumers of content you create or tailor. Followers and notes are judgements of how well in line your content is with the tastes of those who find it, not how well liked you are.

If you’re not working at tailoring a blog to a wide range of tastes and conforming exactly to the tastes of those following you, then you actually shouldn’t be complaining over people you don’t even know unfollowing you.


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